49 days to Japan!

I did my “official” weigh in on Tuesday – 83.9 kgs – but didn’t get a chance to write a “yah, go me” post.  Now it’s skyrocketted up to 85.7 today!  I didn’t eat too well over the last few days and I think the carbs/sodium as well as having my period is making me retain water like a… well I was going to say a dam but since I live in Melbourne that’s not really apt.

I’ve not been tracking my food or making the right choices for me over the past few days.  I’m not worried about the blip on the scales, but I do feel out of control, like something’s not quite right.  Then today I had a horrible headache so no exercise either (I think lack of hydration could have something to do with the headache).  Tomorrow it’s back into it, better and stronger.

On a brighter note, I caught up with the lovely Briony for a drink last night.  Sensational.


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