50 days: quick update!

Went to spin class this morning.  The thing I find worst about gym classes is the shockingly awful music they play but today we had cheesy 80s songs – gotta love that.  A bit of Billy Idol and some Sheena Easton.  Had to stop myself singing along to Hungry Like the Wolf!

I discovered the worst thing about having a low calorie day.  This morning I just had a coffee and a slice of fruit toast for breakfast – prolly not the BEST brekkie but I have it a few times a week and it’s fine cos I normally eat too much at night and am not that hungry.  This morning, because i had nothing much in my system, I felt completely wiped out after my class.  Ended up buying a protein bar to get through.


3 responses to “50 days: quick update!

  1. Oh dear!

    If I workout in the morning, I generally do it on an empty stomach and go NOM NOM NOM with the breakfast afterwards. I’ve found that way the food doesn’t try to… err… ‘repeat’ on me during a class. (not pleasant.)

  2. Yep. love that cheesy 80’s music. I do sing along! When I’ve got the breath!!! The only time i can work out without food is first thing in the morning. If I try in the arvo, that’s when I’m cactus! 2 bite of a power bar straight after usually sorts me out til I can eat something proper in the next hour.

  3. Oh I used to have a thing for Sheena Easton (wasn’t she the Morning Train one). A protein bar after a workout is the best thing you could have.

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