53 days to Japan: thoughts!

One of the worries in my overwrought, disease-addled brain lately is that I’ve been too focussed on my holiday to Japan and I’d get home and sink into a total depression, having nothing to look forward to.  Well, no more.  I found out today that Neil Young is playing at the Big Day Out next year.  Oh yeah, that will be too awesome.

Black jeans:  I swear I have a black jeans curse – every time I buy a pair, I stack on the weight and they get too small.  At the moment, I have 2 pairs in my drawer: a size 14 and a size 11.  I’d really like to fit back into the size 14 jeans before I go away.  The jeans I normally wear are size 14 and they fit fine (both pairs are from Jeans West) but the black ones are tighter in the waist, causing a nasty muffin top-age to happen. 

I think fitting into these jeans is a good goal because it involves not just weight loss but belly loss!

I tried on the size 11 jeans just out of interest.  I can’t believe I was ever small enough to wear them (I think it was for a brief few weeks at my smallest weight).  Interestingly, they are really tight in the thighs.  I never put weight on my thighs, ever.  Even at my biggest, over 100 kgs weight, my thighs were around 50 cms.  I reckon apart from some jiggly inner thigh bits I have no fat cells in my legs (they all live in my belly).  That means it’s all muscle. 

Girlie stuff:  I’ve been thinking of going on the pill while I’m on hols.  My period is due slap-bang in the middle of my time away.  I hate getting my period, and last time I travelled, I got the period from hell.  If I can take the pill and skip a period then it’s a good thing – except I’m worried I’ll put on weight.  I haven’t taken the pill for years (I rely on my obnoxious personality for birth control) so I don’t know if you still get the nasty side effects.  Does this still happen or has contraceptive technology improved since I last took it (that being when I got preggers with Andrew — figuring it’s no use closing the stable door…)

Coming soon… interactive holiday packing, cos I can’t think for myself!

6 responses to “53 days to Japan: thoughts!

  1. Oh … seeing Neil Young would be awesome, but I think I’m too old to survive a BDO

  2. I LOVE Neil Young, I’m hoping he is going to do a side show so I can take my step dad, don’t think he would survive a BDO, he is a grumpy old man now 😆

    The Pill is much more low dose than it used to be, you can even get a mini pill now. Get thee to a doctor asap and get on to it, nothing worse that Aunt Flo crashing your holiday.

  3. Hey Lady

    I heart NY. He rocks my world. I am jealous.

    I came off the pill almost a year ago (was on it for 7 years) and since them I realised that there are such things as cramps. They are rubbish.

    I would pap back on it – as Em said you can get low dosage ones and you’ll be right as rain.

  4. I tried skipping a period with the pill for my wedding. I ended up with heavy spotting for two weeks straight. Gah! Ended up being more annoying than my period would have been. But spotting for a holiday wouldn’t be all that bad at all.

    Woohoo on the muscle increase!

  5. I skip all the time- I only have maybe one a year if I remember and my doctor is cool with that. As for side effects I haven’t noticed anything but I have been on this one for a loooooong time. (sorry if that is all TMI)

  6. Neil Young is coming to town? Woohoo!! If you need someone to go to BDO with, I’m your girl 😀

    Now if you’re looking to sell those size 11 jeans, I’d be more than happy to buy them off you.

    I have an implanon device fitted into my arm and it is just awesome. Don’t have to worry about periods or the pill!

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