8 weeks to Japan: a goodish day!

In not going too well on my plan to transform my body -it’s remaining stubbornly untransformed, but 8 weeks is still plenty of time, right?

At the moment, I’m working on 2 things – getting my eating right and getting rid of this pesky cold.

I rang my dentist today about their obscene bill and, after a bit of justification, they offered to reimburse me the difference between the quoted amount and the amount they charged me.  That made me very happy – just have to wait now to see if the cheque turns up.

Also good today – I mentioned before that I got a $25 Amazon voucher with my competition winnings for a story – well I’ve been wanting one of the Moleskine travel diaries for Tokyo for ages.  Looked everywhere then found out they aren’t actually available until later this month.  Today I went on Amazon and reordered it – and with my gift voucher, got it free 🙂  Awesome.

I love the Moleskine travel diary – it’s got a comprehensive map and also sections like a travel guide but you fill them in yourself.  How good is that?  Instead of lugging around a huge Lonely Planet or whatever that is mostly info you’ll never need (eg the accommodation sections – how travels without making reservations first?  I learnt something from the Bible!), you just have the relevant stuff.

Was racing around so much tonight, dinner was one of those John West Tuna To Go packs on the tram between the gym and Japanese class!  To think I used to once bitch about ppl eating tuna in public (the smell used to make me nauseous).

2 responses to “8 weeks to Japan: a goodish day!

  1. Two of my favourite things … Amazon.com and tuna!

  2. Hmm I’m lucky if I have the first 2 nights accom booked before I go somewhere so I need the accomm section. I tend to leave pretty much everything till the last minute though! Different strokes for different folks though!

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