56 days to Japan: bitching and moaning!

I’m going to Japan NEXT MONTH!  That sounds scarily close now.

Tonight I went to the dentist to get the final dressing on my root canal.  I went in and spent 20 mins in the chair – 5 minutes of him working on my tooth and 15 minutes of him lecturing me on non-dental related matters.  It cost me $180.  I want to kill my dentist.  When I got home, I checked the original quote he gave me and he’d quoted $120 for the dressing.  I’m going to ring tomorrow and find out exactly why he charged me 50% over the quote and then I’m going to cancel my next appointment and go to another dentist.  He can get well and truly rooted (ha ha unintentional dental pun).  That’s just freaken ridiculous!

LIfe is really shitting me at the moment.  People are really shitting me. 

I am getting a cold and I know who to blame for that – I had two mercy missions to my son’s place on the weekend cos he’s bedridden with the flu.  I really should have left the stuff on the front verandah and driven away asap rather than lingering in his germ-filled house.

I am filled with doubts and worries and anxieties atm – I’m not going to lose weight, I’m going to get sick and not be able to earn money, I’m not going to have enough money to go to Japan, I’m going to get to Japan and hate it…  my brain needs to stop working.  I keep trying to tell myself I’m not failing, I’m just not succeeding as fast as I’d like!

Maybe I have PMT.


One response to “56 days to Japan: bitching and moaning!

  1. Take a deep breath and see if the anxiety is still there in 3 days. I am a total PMS monster at the moment, my problem is I get irrationally paranoid.

    I f^%king hate dentists, my root canal cost me over $2000 if you include the crown, shoulda just had the freaking thing pulled out. Especially now that they tell me the crown needs to be replaced only 3 freaking years since I had the thing put in, didn’t know they had a built in redundancy!

    Sorry, didn’t mean to hijack with my own dentist rant.

    Now you just look forward to your holiday 🙂

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