60 days to Japan (still… I think my counter is screwy)

Didn’t make it to burlesque class tonight on account of it was cancelled.  I signed up to do hula hooping on Saturday instead – yah!  Plus I am thinking of doing a course they have planned in Pin Up modelling etc.  It’s over 3 weeks and you learn to do the makeup, costume etc plus working the camera – oh yeah!  It ends with a photo shoot.  I reckon that sounds like a heap of fun plus I can give everyone pics of me for Chrissie 😀

I decided today I wanted to focus on getting my eating right over the next few weeks.  Of course, I then prompt overeat on sausages for dinner.  They were very low fat ones but serious too many of them.  I rarely eat sausages and, when I do, I think I’ll cook the whole packet and save the leftovers for something else.  Then there are no leftovers. 

It’s been a shocker of a week, with no time to scratch myself so I left work early today.  I had to go to the supermarket — needed to go all week and had no time to get there — for a mercy dash for my baby son since he’s ill.  I’ve stocked up on healthy foods so I want my eating to be 100% spot on.

Arrgghh these sausages are weighing heavy in my belly… and my neighbour’s playing music again.  It’s not that loud that it’s disturbing but I’m wondering if I should ring the cops before it gets any louder (the volume tends to go up as it gets later).


8 responses to “60 days to Japan (still… I think my counter is screwy)


    she types glancing over at her husbands thighs where YESTERDAY he had the outlines done for two huge pinup tats.


  2. You should have saved some sausages so that you could hurl them into her front yard. Or even better straight into her loungeroom so that she can enjoy the aroma in 2 days time.

  3. Man, hula hooping, pin up modelling, that sounds so freaking awesome! 😀

    And heeeee, I’m with Debbie on saving the sausages to throw at the neighbour!

  4. I think sausages might be on the lunch menu today – it’s Daffodil Day in NZ (I know you had yours last week) so there’ll be lots of sausage sizzles going.

  5. mmm sausages…im a sucker for thos susages outside bunnings ona saturday morning-they smell heavenly-particularly if one is hungover ;0

  6. Oh yeah, I am a fool for those snags at a barbie.

    I hope we get to see any pin up pics, sounds like a lot of fun. Just think how awesome your next licence photo will look with those mad skills!

  7. Had some delish chicken satay sausages last weekend!

  8. Looking forward to hearing about the hula hooping. I loved it when I was a kid.

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