60 days to Japan

My weight’s been heading in the wrong direction over the past few days – definitely some bad eating choices being made.  My goal for this week is to get the eating right, not easy because I’ve been running around doing stuff after work every night!

Last night we went to a Japanese conversation group.  They run these every fortnight at the place we do our Japanese lesson but we’ve been reluctant to go along.  Then I said to my sister – well we have to talk Japanese in Japan so we might as well practice.  We got there and it was very awkward – I’m hopeless in those kinds of social situations in English, without throwing another language into the mix.  People laugh when I say I’m shy… but really, I am not good at contrived social situations.

After half hour of sheer torture, we did what anyone with common sense does in a situation like that – we knicked off to the pub for a few quick ones!

A bottle of champs later, we went back.  Talking Japanese is much, much easier after a few drinks!  I ended up having a really fun time.

Before we left, I was talking to our Japanese teacher.  We’d said to her earlier that we didn’t know how to make small talk (not even in English, lolz).  She was saying she’d have to cover that in our next lesson.  Then she said she pushed us really hard in class because we absorb so much and are really good at Japanese!  I was so surprised to hear that because I thought I sucked. 

Afterwards, we weren’t ready to go home so my sister and I headed to the karaoke place on Burke St.  I’ve never done karoke in a private room before – it’s awesome.  They even have an intercomm so you can send down for more drinks (we didn’t use it, didn’t even get to finish the beer I’d bought).  I want to live in the karaoke room.


2 responses to “60 days to Japan

  1. I too suck at such social situations. And have never been able to make small talk! I think it must be a genetic thing, you have it or you don’t. I always feel awkward and stupid and plus I don’t really care!

    60 days – your countdown seems to be flying!

  2. That’s so funny! Well done going back to class (I’d have stayed at the pub)

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