9 weeks to Japan

She’s playing her music again!  Arrgghhh!  I called the police.  They said they’d send someone out.  I explained to the guy that it’s an ongoing problem and it isn’t just her playing music inside – she puts the speakers on the balcony so everyone can hear. 

It’s really starting to get to me – I got a shit night’s sleep again tomorrow then didn’t get out for my run before work.  I’ve been buggered all day.  It’s pretty hard to get your eating and exercise right when yóu’re being kept away half the night.  My whole mood is just blah. 

Hopefully someone will sort this out.

Anyway its 9 weeks until I go to Japan.  Time to get serious (or more serious).  I’ve been slack about exercise – I’ve been a bit slack about the stretches esp since I had to cancel my PT training appointment yesterday due to the funeral.  I want to make 100% effort for the rest of this week.  I also want to find out what other cardio they recommend – doing minimal cardio isn’t just bad for weight loss, it’s bad for my stress levels!

At the moment, this is what I’m doing right:

  • if I do a calorie “budget”, I tend to stick to it.  Usually around 300 calories per meal and 2 X 150 calorie snacks.  Sometimes I go a bit over, sometimes a bit over but I tend to get near my target.
  • Exercise has been good up to the last few days, and when I exercise I eat better
  • I’ve been listening to my appetite and my food needs much more.

What I need to improve:

  • sleep (obviously)
  • not going out for meals – must plan more and get organised
  • snacks – I need to go to the supermarket but have had so much on that I haven’t made it
  • procrastination and dicking around is too high!

3 responses to “9 weeks to Japan

  1. You poor thing, sounds like you are having a bad time at the moment…hang in there, not long till Japan. Can you possibly throw something over the speakers? Water, Acid? Guaranteed she wouldn’t put them out there again.

  2. Oh darl I feel your pain, you poor thing. We solved a similar problem (drug-f#$%ed teens in the garage with their super-sound system including an aeropline taking off, ALL AFTERNOON so loud we couldn’t use our back yard) by ringing the council – they sent people around to listen and then went to threaten them with a fine. It took a bit of fussing but it got sorted.

  3. So did the police turn up? I hope so!

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