Bad Mood Day

Arrgghh… nothing puts me in a bad mood more than not getting to sleep until after 4 am because my bogan trash neighbour is playing her freaken doof doof music at full volume… again.  Then going outside to find our yard littered with Jim Beam cans.  I want to kill her, except that would be bad kharma so I just wish she’d move somewhere a long, long way away.  Like Moe.  I’m sure she’d be happier there.

There should be a law against that kind of thing.  Oh yeah there is – just that NOBODY seems to police it!

Then I went to the football and my team played like shit.  Blah!  And I feel like an overeating, fatty fat fat pig.

Got home and felt to sick to go for a run then realised that wasn’t really helping matters so I put on my lovely new running dress (did I mention I bought a running dress on Friday?) and hit the streets.  Since I can only run 2 kms, I’ve been doing my usual 5 km block but doing a 1 km walk warm up then 2 km run and 2 km cooldown.  It’s better than nothing, right?

I’m still pissy but I did notice the Beam cans have gone from the yard (maybe she had an attack of guilts and cleaned them up while we were out).  Plus I noticed all the magnolia trees are blossoming in Gertrude St and that makes me feel happy inside.


7 responses to “Bad Mood Day

  1. I have a tiny little nectarine tree that started to blossom this weekend, that was enough to make me happy 🙂

    Stupid bogan neighbour, I woulda hucked those cans back into her yard.

  2. I’ve never been to Moe but I reckon Greenland would be better.

  3. Trashy, inconsiderate neighbours are something we obviously have in common. The worse thing about it is there isn’t much you can do … other than move!

  4. bummer about the shit neighbour…. our magnolia tree is still not blossoming… too darn cold down here. Up in Auckland, where we will be living in a week!!!! there is a magnolia tree on our grass road verge and it’s already in bloom! Yaaaa, it’s warmer up there. Hope you get a better sleep tonight mate.

  5. I absolutely adore magnolia trees. They make me think of new life.

    As for the neighbour, karma will come her way.

    A running dress?? Now you are just too cool!!

  6. Bloglines tells me you have done 70 posts since I was last on it!! Any big news??

  7. Where’s the photo of the running dress? We have to see you in it!

    Sorry about the neighbour. Hopefully they’ll move soon.

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