67 days to Japan: Good things!

I’ve been a bit whingey lately and thought I’d write a post on the good things going on in my life.  The only trouble is there are somethings I’m worried about mentioning – don’t wanna put the kibbosh on things when they are going well.

Still, these are some good things:

  • Met up with the lovely Marshmellow last night who went to go-go class with me.  Lots of fun 😀
  • I finally got paid prize money for a story I wrote earlier this year and, because they were so late sending it out, they sent me a $25 Amazon voucher as well.
  • My skin is looking good and my hair is not too hard either (even though I put a colour through it last week and it washed straight out).

Money-wise, I’d been in a bit of a panic.  After posting about how my savings were going great guns, I suddenly seemed to be eating through them faster than a really fast thing.  Then I looked at it objectively.  I had a week off work then started this job with fortnightly pays.  That’s over 3 weeks with NO money coming in.  As well as living expenses, I’ve had 2 visits to the dentist plus got my car serviced.  That’s a lot of necessary spending.  Now I’ve been paid and topped the savings up – I might have gone too far, not thinking that I’ve got to live for the next weeks, but I think I’ll be fine.


3 responses to “67 days to Japan: Good things!

  1. whingeing is never a bad thing – but this is such a nice post 🙂 Your skin always looks good, it must be looking extra sparkly

  2. I love Amazon vouchers!

  3. I love cheerful posts. Thanks Kathryn. It really adds a sparkle to the day. Your skin looks great from Canberra too.

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