Weigh In: 84.3 kgs

Not much of a loss this week but good considering all the booze I downed on the weekend.  Also too, I had a lousy night’s sleep last night.

I don’t know if this is scientifically accurate or not, but if weight loss is like a cake then I think of diet, exercise etc like the ingredients you throw in and sleep is the cooking processes where it all comes together.  This morning my cake is a little bit gooey on the inside (mmm that sounds grosser than I intended).


5 responses to “Weigh In: 84.3 kgs

  1. Gross, yes, but sounds pretty true to me!

  2. I love empty alcohol calories- sometimes that is all that gets me through the day! I also drank too much and had crap weight loss this week- sounds like sobriety is the answer dammit.

  3. You’re right sleep is so very important to so many things, including weight loss!

  4. Do you have rainbow sprinkles on top?

  5. Love the cake analogy. I’ve always been a little bit facinated by the fact that the weight seems to just “disappear” overnight.

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