10 weeks to Japan

Yikes, that time is going way too fast.

Of course, everyone is right about taking the long term approach with my fitness but in the words of the great Verucca Salt, Ï want it NOW!  I want to ask about my program though because at the moment I’m basically doing one strength exercise and the rest are stretches.  Stretches aren’t even exercise.  I’m sure I should be doing more.  Much more.

The other thing that bugs is that I’m totally lazy in a weird-arsed way:  I’m happy to go out for a long run but the thought of getting changed and showered for a 2 km run seems like too much effort.  I guess I’ll just have to do it of a morning since I have to change and shower anyway.

Otherwise, all is good.  Japanese study is going well.  I get paid this week – yah!  And I don’t think I did too much damage with all those empty alcohol calories on the weekend.


2 responses to “10 weeks to Japan

  1. If you’re working on fixing postural issues, then a really basic program is probably exactly what you need – and the stretches are part of that.

    Last year, I went WAY back to basics with my program. It seemed like “not enough” to me too, but I sucked it up, because it was about what I needed, not what I wanted. Actually, it was about what I wanted…a healthy, fit body that performs the function sit was meant to and doesn’t make me go “ouch!” every 5 minutes.

    You’ll progress onto more challenging stuff, so be patient.

  2. yeah i couldnt put up with that! i try to be patient but ummm not exactly in my make-up

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