70 days to Japan: Yikes!

Here’s some advice, that I learnt the hard way:

Don’t go to the gym and do a hardcore workout then race off to the football then race home again and go out drinking – without drinking much water along the way.

This is what happens: dehyration makes you get drunk FAST.  Getting drunk fast makes you do stupid things.  Getting drunk also makes you more dehyrated which makes you wake up with DOMS to the power of infinity.

Learn from my mistakes!

I went to my PT tonight and got my program.  I’m so glad I changed trainers because this one is lovely.  We did lots of stretches and I feel so much better.

I am having issues with my program though.  The whole basis of it is to correct my posture/muscles imbalances etc.  Once all that is sorted, then working on building muscle and increasing my running.  That makes perfect sense, don’t you think?

Except, in the short term, I have to cut back running.  As in 3 x 2 km a week.  Yes, that’s a total of 6 kms a week.

A big loud voice inside me is screaming: IF I CAN’T RUN, Í’LL GET FAT!  That voice is also saying I have 10 weeks until I go to Japan… I don’t have time to dick around thinking about long term advantages; I need to lose weight STAT.

Seriously, 6 kms a week: is that even considered running?


6 responses to “70 days to Japan: Yikes!

  1. Tell that voice in your head that 6kms a week is better than nothing at all ;P

    I would be feeling the same way – I too have used my running as a way of keeping my weight steady, and also a way of balancing my frequent indulgences. If all of a sudden that were taken away from me, I’d be panicking too! But don’t! If your body needs to recover and recuperate and balance out the muscles again, I guess you just have to look at this as a small short term sacrifice. As long as you compensate in other areas of your life – ie: still keeping active, and watching food portions, etc – you should have nothing to worry about.

    If you’re really worried, maybe do a gentler exercise that still works you hard – like swimming! It’s harder than running, in my opinion!

    I know you’re still going to have a fabulous time in Japan, come what may 🙂

  2. Don’t. Be. Stoopid.

    Correcting postural issues is WAY important. You won’t get fat if you eat properly…and you can still walk heaps, surely? And do some other stuff? Trust me, pushing on regardless is a bad idea and you will be sorry.

    I speak from experience. The voice of doooooooom…..

  3. Don’t listen to the voice! What Kek said

    gee I wish I’d read your warning before I drank beer after walking in the sun all day, sigh…

  4. Take the long term view … getting the postural things fixed will make for a stronger and longer running “career”.

  5. 70 days is actually a very long time (especially if you think like a small child like me most of the time). Don’t focus on the days- I never use deadline like this constructively- I like to cram and you can’t do that with weight loss.

  6. yeah i wouldnt be able to stick to it

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