74 days to Japan (or thereabouts)

I got to thinking about the session with the personal trainer and decided I didn’t want to train with him.  It wasn’t even so much the comments as the fact that he didn’t listen to me.  I’m still going back to get my program etc but I rang and said I thought I’d have a better “rapport” with one of the female trainers. 

It’s so hard for me to do stuff like that.  I get all concerned; a big part of me wants approval and to be liked.  I have to be the “good girl” who shuts up and doesn’t make a fuss.  But then I thought about – I’m paying money for a service so I should make sure I get what I want.

As far as the nutrition goes, he kept saying if I follow his program, I’ll get results.  I challenge that.  Not that I don’t believe it.  I do.  If I went to Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig or any of the other thousands of other people out there promoting their plans, and followed what they said, I’m sure I’d get results.  The issue ISN’T getting results from following a plan, the issue is finding the plan that works for me.

On top of that, I’m starting to get a real problem with a lot of people in the fitness industry.  It’s like they lump all their clients into one basket and I’m sure there are a lot of people who fit in that basket but why do they assume:

  • every client knows nothing about fitness and health
  • every client lies about how much training they are doing
  • every client wants to do the bare minimum to achieve their goals (that they aren’t committed to in the first place) and
  • their way is the only true way.

I know there are lots of PTs and other people around who don’t think like that but there are too many that do.

Anyway, more rants (in point form):

  • why the freaken hell can’t people in this damn city NOT stand in the doorway on public transport?  Move down the train or tram, people.  I don’t want to know you that well.
  • Blackberries and other gadget phones really shit me.  No reason why, they just do.
  • Dodo – why do they stuff up our internet account every time a payment is due without fail?  They give incompetent morons a bad name.
  • Fortnightly pays.  I thought I got paid today.  I don’t.

5 responses to “74 days to Japan (or thereabouts)

  1. Good points about personal trainers….. been there done that. MORONS most of them!
    Also agree about most of the other rants… and OH bummer about not being paid when you expected it… hope you have enough food to last another week!

  2. Hmm, the thing with any kind of service-based career is that you have to have people skills for want of a better term. The ability to listen is a big factor…lots of people are crap at that. Knowing everything there is to know about the “how-to” isn’t enough, because you have to build in the human factor. Everyone has different goals, wants, personalities, lifestyles and so on.

    That said, the same basic principles WILL work for most people to achieve a particular goal, and a program has to be based around those – but I agree that you still have to make the program fit the client. Up to a point anyway.

    Believe me, there ARE people out there who want change, in terms of body composition or fitness, but don’t actually want to change how they live (hmm, I see a blog post in that). Good thing you’re not one of them.


    Yay for you for being all brave and asking for what you want! I have trouble with that too.

  3. My daughter went with Optus and she has the same problem.

    Fortnightly pays suck.

  4. You’re right a good PT is worth their weight in gold. The problem is I think that most are very young. inexperienced and get paid a pittance.

  5. I love my PT’s, both of them. And my boot camp instructor. There are good ones out there. You will find them.

    Just out of interest, did you ask him about his qualifications? How long has he been training? How many regular clients does he have? Is he insured? Is he a member of any professional associations? Can you see his certificates?

    Hey, it could be fun.

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