Another Update

I went to have my assessment done with my PT today.  It was kinda weird.  We went through a questionaire and then did lots of testing esp with my flexibility and stuff.  During the questionaire, there was the normal stuff about health and fitness then rating myself out of 5 on sleeping, stress etc.  He asked me to rate my sex drive and I said I was pretty average, around 3 and he goes – are you sure it’s not 4 (ie. higher).  WTF?  He didn’t say anything about any of the other answers and that made me a bit uncomfortable.

Anyway, he’s putting together a program for me and I’m going to have a session with him to go through but I’m not sure if I want to keep going.  Once I’ve been through the program, I can do it on my own. 

He also was pushing me to get a nutritional assessment done for “metabolic typing”.  I don’t know what the hell that is but I’m really not keen following some kind of program with good and bad foods.  I’ve done that enough in my life. 

I’d been thinking about ways to get out of it but then realised I don’t have to make excuses.  I’m the one paying for the service and I’m not paying for something I don’t need.


7 responses to “Another Update

  1. Geez that PT sounds like a bit of a sleaze……and good on you for not paying for something you don’t need. You are obviously doing okay with how you eat now…so stick with it. Congrats on getting under 85Kg, great effort.

  2. That’s only a little bit weird!! I would have told him it had actually just dropped to 1!

    Well done on getting under 85! Your next goal is totally achieveable.

    As for Tampons… it happens with pads too!

  3. That metabolic typing has always sounded like a crock to me – evryone I know who has done it has come out with the same type.

  4. What an odd question!

  5. When he shows you the program he’s developed, make sure you ask which exercises are the ones to increase your sex drive ! And then let us know, okay ?

  6. I’ve never even heard of metabolic typing….better go google!!

    And how rude of someone to comment on your sex life 😯

  7. What has you sex drive got to do with anything? Does increased fitness equal increased sex drive?

    I think not. Weirdo.

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