11 weeks to Japan! Egads!

I’ve got a couple of girlie questions for the other girls out there.

  1. My weight always drops when I start my period but my sister says her’s drops when her period ends – when in your cycle do you lose weight?
  2. Do other people lose tampons?  Arrgghhh… just realised how icky that sounds.  I mean when you finish your period, you have heaps of tampons left, tampons everywhere.  Sitting around in boxes, in your handbag, in the bathroom drawer, you practically trip over them for 3 weeks or so then, the moment your next period starts, they magically disappear and you can’t find one damn one in the entire house.  Why does that happen?  Where do they go?

We started back at Japanese lessons tonight.  There are 2 other people in our class.  I don’t like them.  They turned up 10 minutes late for a 1 hour classes (that’s 1/6 of the class wasted) then kept making irrelevant comments.  Not good.


4 responses to “11 weeks to Japan! Egads!

  1. I always lose weight after my period….weight usually goes up a kilo or two pre period. And yes, tampons seem to multiply all the time, except when you need them!

  2. My weight would fluctuate downwards once my period ended, I was a bit more bloated and retained more fluid once it started – I guess it has different effects on different people?

    And I’m totally keen to do the Wednesday night dancing thing! It sounds like a good laugh 😀 Let me know the details; mmmarshmallow@gmail.com

  3. I’m probably not the best person to ask as I haven’t had any since I’ve had my Implanon device fitted.

    I still fluctuate in my weight though 🙄

  4. Use a Diva Cup! Not only good for the environment but you’ll never have a tampon problem again 🙂

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