77 days to Japan

I had no plans to go running tonight – my legs were sore yesterday, before I did a huge workout at the gym, and even sorer today – but Simon rang to see if I wanted to go running tonight so we headed out for a 5k easy one.

It might have been our last run together (maybe we’ll run Sunday, depending on how hungover we are from his farewell).  It’s very sad.  Even though he’d planned to go overseas quite a while ago, his visa kept getting delayed.  Now all the plans are in motion and he’s leaving late Sunday so no more running together until we go to Dublin for the marathon next year (all things going well).

Dietwise, things are going okay.  Could be better but could be a lot worse.  I’ve cut back to 2 coffees a day – I thought about going black but I don’t even like macchiatos and I figure it’s good to have a vice or two 🙂

My theory on weight loss is not to get too hung up on following a plan or doing things that work for other people.  People get all evangalist about THEIR diet plan being the only true way.  If low carbs work or low fat or eating nothing but swiss cheese, it’s all good.  I reckon there are a few things you can use to judge if you’re doing well:

  • You lose weight
  • You have amble energy to do the things you want/need to do
  • You look good – not in a weight loss way but all those other signs like having a shiny coat and sparkly eyes.

Now the first of those isn’t happening as fast for me as I’d like, but I’m not sure what’s going on with the last one.  I keep getting random compliments – people asking me if I’ve changed my hair (which I haven’t – well not until tonight), things like that .  And lots of remarks about my skin looking really good.  I haven’t changed my beauty routine (*cough.. what routine?) or been doing anything special so it must be my diet.


4 responses to “77 days to Japan

  1. With you on the shiny coat theroy… purr…

  2. I had a conversation about this very topic with Sara – just b/c ia strategy worked for one person doesn’t mean a) it will work for another and b) that if it doesn’t work, the person is somewhow a ‘failure’ – it just means they’re trying something that isn’t suited for them! We don’t all wear the same shoes, yet there’s supposed to be One Way of losing weight! Crazy

  3. I’ve actually stopped writing in my food journal as it was getting too stressful and tedious to keep it up to date, and also to look back at all the crap that i’d been eating.

    Instead I now just focus on my fitness journal and try to ensure that it’s always looking good 😀

  4. You are right there are so many more ways to tell you’re doing well other than the scales – why do we all get so obsessed with them?

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