79 days to Japan: lazy Sunday!

Ì should go for a run but it’s awful wet out there.  And my legs are damn sore.  I’m thinking of going to the gym and doing a bit of a circuit instead – that way I can break the running up with some rowing and weights work.  I just need to get motivated.

Yesterday, I went to have a chat to a personal trainer.  I figure it might help get things revved up a bit.  I’m quite impressed with this guy.  He does a complete body assessment and then designs a program based on that.  I’ve booked in to get it done on Wednesday.  I like that he talked about stuff like taking a holistic approach to fitness and weight loss being a result of that, as well as improving run efficiency etc rather than promising some dramastic weight loss.  I figure if I can stay injury-free then it’s worth the investment.

This week is going to be insanely busy – on Monday I supposedly have a job interview (they rang me to arrange it and said they’d email the details but I never got the email).  I’m not even that interested in the job since it’s long term, maybe even permanent.  Since I’m planning on going overseas for 3 months next year (all going well), I’m not looking for permanent work really.

Tuesday I have more laser hair removal (the first session didn’t seem to do much and I still feel all beardy — and there will be no photos… I don’t think you can even SEE the hair but I know it’s there).  After that, Japanese lessons.

Wednesday – fitness assessment.

Thurday – root canal.  Oh joy!

I think there are going to be some very early morning workout sessions. 

Oh yeah, since Andy now has my exercise bike (it was a real logistics exercise last night getting this big, heavy bike into the back of the FestivaI need some ideas on warming up when I do weights at home.  I figure putting on some music and dancing like a wild thing could work (in the privacy of my own room of course).


4 responses to “79 days to Japan: lazy Sunday!

  1. As a warm-up idea, what about Guitar Hero ?

  2. that PT sounds like a great idea.
    You were wise to not run yesterday morning, it was F-ing FREEZING (and then the heaters at church weren’t working, arrgh)

  3. I think getting a PT sounds like a good idea. What better investment then your health? Now I sound like a PT! 🙂

    btw- I had laser hair removal, it didn’t seem to work for me, but everyone is different. Good luck.

  4. lol at the dancing around crazily

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