81 days to Japan

Our power was off this morning.  I’d planned to go for a morning run but figured I wanted to shower before the water went cold or got used up by the housemates.  Afterwards, I realised I could have just showered at work but I went for my run tonight anyway so all is good.

Lately, even though I’ve been struggling a bit with the weight loss, one area of my Japan preparations that is going really well is saving money (hope I don’t jinx myself by saying that).  I used to never be able to save – I was lucky to scrap through to the next payday – but lately it’s like a lightbulb has flashed in my brain.

When you think about it, time is the most precious resource we have in our lives.  It’s finite and nearly everyone has more to fit in their day than they ever can.  When you go to work, you’re really just selling your time.  You give someone 8 hours or so out of your day, and they give you cash.

That makes me think that firstly you wanna make sure you’re geting the best deal for your time – doing work you like doing and getting adequately compensated.  I used to suck at pay negotiations but now I’m quite good at saying – this is what I’m worth, take it or leave it.

When you realise that you’re giving up something so valuable in order to earn money, soemthing else becomes clear: you want to make sure that the way you use that money is in line with your values and goals in life. 

I never did that.  I’d spend money on any sparkly thing that caught my eye, going for some momentary pleasure.  Spending your pay check without even realising where it goes is oh so easy. 

Now I’m thinking about what I want out of life and how those hours I spend at work and help me get there.  Budgeting isn’t some boring straitjacket sucking all the joy out of my life; it’s a way of ensuring that what I do aligns with my values in life.

Now I just have to apply those principles to dieting!


5 responses to “81 days to Japan

  1. That is a good way of looking at it. My way was to get married, then someone else looks after all that 🙂

  2. The funny thing I find is that now that I’ve got more money than ever before (Jake leaving home has saved me heaps and I’m not funding someone’s motorbike habit) I spend way less. What’s up with that!

  3. Alison gave me a bit of a rev up about my approach to dieting/ eating pattern etc- she said we just need to find out what it is that makes us successful in every other aspect of our lives and apply that- for me it is recording and measuring everything, treating it like a science- for you it might be something else…..hope she doesnt mind that I stole her advice!

  4. You have a great attitude Kathryn…I love that. If only we could all apply those principles to our eating habits…..why is it, we may be successful at a lot of things but fail dismally with eating right? Please explain!

  5. errr csn you follow me around and say that everytime i make those impulse buys..lols

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