82 days!

If you are super observant, you’d notice my countdown to Japan has jumped a day.  That’s not me being bad at maths (cos I’m totally not).  Today I had a call from Jetstar – they were changing our flight arrangements again.  Now we have a stopover at the Gold Coast, not Cairns and we are flying directly from Melbourne instead of having to stay overnight in Sydney.  We are also flying out a day earlier than planned and back a day later – woohoo!  More time to do the stuff on the growing list of things to do.

Weird day foodwise.  I had a hot lunch instead of salad and even though it wasn’t a big serve (beef curry with rice and vegies but I asked for only a small spoon of rice), I’ve been ridiculously full all day.  I had a salad in the fridge so just had that for dinner.  Still managed to fit a few snacks in though.


4 responses to “82 days!

  1. You do realise that JETSTAR rhymes with DISTASTER don’t you?
    Just saying…….

  2. There’s ALWAYS room for snacks!! :0)

  3. A bonus two days … you beauty!!

  4. lol-was just about to say what briony did-its amazing that no matter how full we are-theres all ways room fora snack 😉

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