84 days: random thoughts

I had a really good run tonight.  Over the few (or more) months, I’ve been getting slower and slower and struggle to run for long periods – having all kinds of niggles and injuries – but tonight I went out and managed to get back to the pace I was doing about a year ago.  Still slow but getting faster 😀 

Nothing like the feeling of doing a really good run and coming home all sweaty and tired to make you feel better. 

Other good things:

  • I got 8/8 tips in the footy tipping this week and I’m top of the dream team comp on points.  I love it – we are doing it on the AFL site (which has to be the most annoying web site ever) and, since we didn’t have enough ppl to have our own team, got some interlopers joined in with us.  One of the interlopers has been ahead for weeks but I managed to knock him off top spot this week.  Yah!
  • I’m getting my period – yahs, that explains the weight gain lately
  • my work atm has an awesome pick n’ mix type salad bar – you pick your lettuce + vege + protein + dressing = yummy salad!
  • nothing in particular, life just seems a bit easier.

Over the past few days, I’ve been trying to cut back my calories.  Normally I have around 1500-1600 a day but that doesn’t seem to be working (ie I’m not losing weight).  I think that’s okay for a small, steady weight loss but it doesn’t leave any margin for error and, since I’m not going to meticulously weigh every single thing I eat, I need some margin in there. 

The most obvious thing to cut is *sob* coffees.  I have around 3 coffees a day which is like 300 calories.  That’s a lot out of 1500 (a fifth even).  If I even cut back one a day, that’s 700 calories gone a week.  I love my coffee but maybe, just maybe, I can cut back for the greater good.  Green tea is my friend.

Another area is after dinner snacks but atm I’m sticking to fairly low calorie treats (like those yum Turkish Delight icecream tubs).  I figure a small treat stops me from feeling deprived and guts out on something worse, so I think that’ll stay.

Finally, I’m getting rid of my exercise bike.  I rarely use it and I don’t have enough space for superfluous items.  Besides, Andrew rang tonight wanting to borrow $190 to buy one and my motherly desire to see him get fit overrides my own needs 🙂  Hmmm … and that space is perfect for hanging a punching bag … *evil laugh*

3 responses to “84 days: random thoughts

  1. What about learning to love a “Long Black” – calorie free caffeine!

  2. If you need a punching bag I can recommend a colleague of mine who has no other useful purpose in life. I started using calorie king to sort out where my extra Kj were coming from- apparently from everywhere!

  3. lol-about saras comment…. thats nice to give him your exercise bike

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