86 days: Cooking is Awesome!

I did my big cook up today – a heap of brown rice and vegies with a touch of miso, beef and vegie rogan josh (thanks to Kek, I remembered I had some Patek’s sauces in the cupboard), a big pot of vegie soup and – the most inspired – I remembered the strawberry chilli sauce I bought in Tassie and used it as a glaze to grill some chicken breasts.  Oh yeah, that’s some good shit! 

With what’s already in the freezer, that should see me through until next weekend at least.  Yahs!

I’ve felt like I’ve not got much done with my week off but I’ve organised travel insurance, had dental work, got my car serviced, cooked up a heap of meals, been for three runs and some gym classes, got nearly all my stars on my star chart, shopped but not too much (just some books) and done a heap of cleaning.  That’s enough.

Yesterday I went to the cafe to eat and study my Japanese.  I’d forgotten to take a pen so ran over to the newsagency.  On the magazine rack, I noticed this month’s Dolly had a free beanie and scarf offer so for a measly $7 I not only got an awesome scarf and beanie but found out who my celeb BFF is!


7 responses to “86 days: Cooking is Awesome!

  1. Strawberry chilli sauce?! OMG – yum!!

  2. Damn, that’s a busy week.

    I am a sucker for free shit with a magazine.

  3. Wow kathryn, you are super organised…….me I just grab a protein bar for dinner as I run out the door.

    I too am a sucker for free stuff with mags, might have to go to the shops tomorrow and check it out..

  4. So who is your celeb BFF?
    That’s a good week to look back on 🙂
    I think we;ll come over to your house for cooking lessons

  5. I think I should hire you to teach me how to be organised. I just can’t seem to get my shit together at the moment and am constantly chasing my tail trying to catch up 😳

  6. well it sounds like you got HEAPS done …well thats what i recjkon

  7. I want to know who the celeb BFF is too. Sounds like a hectic week Kathryn. That countdown is definitely going fast.

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