93 days: blah!

After my weight loss last week, I got on the scales and had skyrocketed back to 88 kgs!  That’s a 3 kg gain overnight.  Logically I knew it was a dodgy reading on the scales but that doesn’t stop it being hella traumatic and whinge-worthy.  It’s dropped back to 86 point something now but still not good.  I wanna be under 85 goddamnit!!!!

On Friday I took Andrew shopping for a grown up bed.  The saleswoman asked him if I was his sister!  Oh yeah, I love that. 

I’ve been pretty lazy this weekend – did some running with hills on Friday then nothing yesterday.  Today I’d planned a long run but wasn’t sure about the weather so ended up at the gym.  I ran on the treadie then thought about doing weights but couldn’t be arsed and I want to do the kettlebell class tomorrow so figured it would be too much.  Instead I did lots of stretching cos I’ve been really sore lately.

Speaking of sore, I’ve been taking glutomine (sp?) powder.  I know I started talking it for a reason – maybe to minimise recovery time?  But I really can’t remember why or how much I should be taking.  Does anyone take it or know anything about it?

5 responses to “93 days: blah!

  1. Glutamine – muscle repair, recovery, growth (and yes it will help to minimise soreness). Also digestive function, immune system function and my supplement expert tells me it helps with sugar cravings.

    Dose is usually 3-6g a day. So it depends on whether you’re taking pwder or capsules. If powder, I’d have a teaspoon. Capsules are usually 1g, so that means 3-6 of those. I take 3 in the morning and 3 at night.

  2. Sister, cool 🙂

  3. Arthritis?? I take it too- I think it makes your wee expensive- that’s what my doctor told me.

  4. Glucosamine is the one for arthritis…. different thing to glutamine.

  5. I can’t wait for my daughter to be old enough for us to go shopping like sisters 😀

    I just think that I might be pushing the thought of us actually looking like sisters rather than mother and daughter 🙄

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