I thought I had every thing at work sorted – finish the bad job tomorrow and start the good job on Monday.  Except I realised last night that I don’t start THIS Monday but Monday in a week’s time.  Oops.  I almost said I’d work an extra week at the bad job … except I really, really, really don’t wanna.

Even though I really need to be saving at the moment, I think a week’s break will do me good.  I’ve been getting sick a lot lately and feeling blah, so some ME time will have to help.  And a week off – yah!

I’ve been thinking a bit lately about long term goals vs short term ones.  Shauna over at Diet Girl says that anything can be a metaphor for weight loss and I reckon this definitely is.  Since I booked this holiday, I feel like my whole focus has been been on that.  In some ways that’s good – having a deadline can really help with the motivation – but in other ways I feel like I’m putting my life on hold just for a two week vacation. 

There are things I want to do, like burlesque dancing class, but feel I can’t justify the expense.  Other things, like writing, have taken a backseat while my focus is elsewhere.

I guess it’s true of most things in life: you have to have the long term goals and put your efforts towards them, but you can’t live in the future.  That’s sacrificing a lot of days to enjoy the pleasure of a few.

On the exercise front, I change my rest day to today.  I think it was the grueling workout yesterday (although I worked out I spent more time exercising than I did when I ran the half marathon, and I reckon more effort) that did me in so much as the lack of sleep.


3 responses to “Oops

  1. It is hard to not put things on hold when you have such a big dream coming up. Good plan about a week off.

  2. ME time is a great idea. And remember, you have a month of ME time coming up shortly. I remember how much fun you had last year.

  3. Enjoy your week off.

    And don’t forget that you’ll need to get an E ticket thingy to travel on the new part of Eastlink next week.

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