96 days: crazy!

Well I wanted to do lots tonight – fit in a run plus boxing class then go-go and I did just that.  Only it wasn’t as easy as I thought.

First up, I got to the gym and did an interval session on the treadie – 3 mins fast, 3 min recovery x 5 plus warm up and cool down.  I went in hard, figuring boxing class would be easy and I didn’t want to hold back on the running.  Ha ha ha!

Got to boxing – normally we do a circuit involving some hard work (eg sparring with the instructor) but lots of easier stuff too – like speed ball which is more skill than anything (maybe if you’re like a super boxer then it gets harder but for me, just trying to control that sucker is hard enough).  I figured I’d only be really working on about 1-2 out of 6 stations.

Yeah, good plan.  Except that only one other person turned up.  So it was 3 mins or so full on sparring with the instructor then 3 mins other stuff.  A majorly intense session.

Went to the change rooms and showered then headed to go-go class.  At least that would be a bit more relaxed.  Again, ha!  Normally we learn the moves then practice the moves then dance.  Tonight was all dancing… energetic dancing at that.

That’s nearly 3 hours of exercise – first I killed my legs, then I killed my arms then I killed the entire body!  Luckily I followed it with a restorative steak sanga!  Too awesome (and only $8 – best counter meal value in town).

6 responses to “96 days: crazy!

  1. I hope you washed that sucker down with a cleansing ale!!

  2. I am just exhausted thinking about it- nice work and well deserved dinner!

  3. A big tick in the box for exercise!

    Imagine if you could do that everyday………

  4. Way to go Kathryn. Well done on having enough energy to write it up!

  5. Wow – sounds like an energetic day!

  6. tats a heck of a lot of exercise matey

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