98 days to go

Went for a run this morning, wasn’t going to cos it was running but decided to suck it up and get out there.  Tomorrow I want to run after work but I also want to do boxing class and go to go-go class.  Is that too much for one night?  Prolly.  I could put off the run until Thursday but I’ve got to fill in time until boxing starts anyway.

I’m not sure if I’m finishing work on Thursday or Friday.  My contract finishes Thursday but I said I’d stick around till Friday if they need me – cos I’m generous of spirit and self-sacrificing … and really need the cash.  Now I regret saying it cos Andy got his tax return and wants to go bed shopping.  I hate shopping on weekends and he has Friday off work.  He also wants to go shoe shopping on Smith St – that could be very dangerous!

I had a chicken alfredo thingie for dinner last night – then put it in Calorie King and found out it had 450 calories! WTF, it was tiny.  I’d cooked a second one for tonight’s dinner and decided to throw it but it was very delicious so I couldn’t.  How can you get that many calories into one tiny chicken pattie?  I guess it had lots of butter and was crumbed and stuff.  Plus the calories were for Ingham’s ones and mine was from Preston market so prolly more healthy.  From now on, I’ll stick to proper chicken stuff I make myself then there won’t be any nasty surprises.


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