97 days. Official weigh in: 85.5 kgs

Woohoo!  A bigger loss to than I was expecting, esp since I had poo issues this morning.  Well not so much poo issues as ‘housemate hovering around the bathroom door where he can hear me’ issues. 

Normally I have no toilet noise issues.  I never even realised that people felt that way until a few years ago – like people who can’t go at the work toilets if anyone else is in there (personally I reckon it’s great… getting paid to poo is awesome!).  My sister is all toilet issues – she can’t go anywhere else but home and then if no one else is around. 

I also talk to people when they are on the loo.  Apparently some people find this wrong, but I’ve never even thought about it too much.  Like if Simon and I go for a run and are both using the loos at Princes Park, we’ll keep talking.  We even discuss our business!

But somehow, my housemate being around puts me off.  Maybe because he’s so creepy.  I don’t think he’s hovering around to be creepy and sick (although I’m not 100% convinced on that) but more because he’s started leaving for work later than he used to so we have a bit of a rush for the bathroom (and I always win cos I’m fast and wily).


2 responses to “97 days. Official weigh in: 85.5 kgs

  1. I don’t know whether to laugh or not! Good job on the lard loss 🙂

  2. Well done on the weight loss. I too had some toilet issues today, ickier ones though – I might post about them later.

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