100 short little days: Arrggghh!

Oh wowzers – I can remember my countdown saying I had 170 days until I went to Japan and now it’s at 100.  It’s going so fast.  I’ve got my Operation Japan plan written up on my fridge – lose weight, save money, learn Japanese – and feel like I’ve made insignificant progress toward any of them.

Weight loss wise I’ve only lost about 1 kg net, although managed to pack on a few then get rid of them.  I can blame being sick and weekends away and all the rest but really for the next 100 days, I need to give 100% (that’s like 1% a day, yeah?  lolz).

Saving money has been going okay but, because I’ve had time off work sick, I’m not earning as much as I’d planned.  I guess I’ll be fine, what with my tax refund etc.

Learning Japanese isn’t going too bad either but it feels like the more I learn, the more I realised I don’t know!  Yikes. 

Apart from saving money, I could pretty much get away with doing nothing about the other two.  I mean people travel all the time without knowing a word of the local language and it’s not like there is some magical weight that makes holidays more fun, but for me they are important.  I want to achieve these things in the next 100 days.  I want to feel that I’ve done all that I can.

Today I’d planned to get to the fun run at Princes Park but still feel a bit iffy in the gut so didn’t make it (the bad weather didn’t help either)  but went out for a 5 km run later in the day.  The legs felt so very bad.  I dunno how I can regress so much with having a week off!  Still it was good to be back into it.  Hopefully there’ll be no more sickness etc for the next 100 days.


4 responses to “100 short little days: Arrggghh!

  1. Here’s the only sentence you need to know.
    Where is the toilet? (Sorry can’t translate that for you)

    As long as they can point you’re ok.

    Even knowing the question ‘How much is that?’ is not much good unless you can translate $7.29 very quickly.

    Knowing where the toilet is located is very important.

  2. Wow, by your next post you’ll be down to double figures? Time flies doesn’t it !

  3. A week off makes a HUGE difference. You’ll be back to normal in no time with some consistent training.

  4. sumimasen, nihongo ga jozu dewa arimasen.
    I’m sorry, my Japanese isn’t very good.
    I think people appreciate that you’ve made an effort.

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