102 days to go (still)

Yahs, I’ve got a new contract ready to start when this one runs out.  I kinda felt a bit bad because I’ve got a feeling my current employer expects to extend my contract indefinitely (well at least until they get someone permanent in my role) but screw them — no one has communicated that to me and I want OUT!  Plus I’m not going to risk unemployment just because they MIGHT need me.

I’m kinda excited because I’m going back to the job I worked in last year.  Sure I bitched and moaned cos it was a lot of travel but now I can go on Eastlink… woohoo… fast driving!  And I don’t have to deal with new stuff.  I love that.

Got on the scales this morning and I’m down to 85.7 kgs.  Weird but I’d rather weird stuff in a downward direction than the other way around.


2 responses to “102 days to go (still)

  1. It’s not fair, you get to eat Breadtop and still lose weight. I drink shiraz and………… damn!

  2. Great news, on the job and the weight loss woo hoo!

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