Official Weigh In: 86.6 kgs; 15 weeks to go

Up a bit from yesterday but thát’s to be expected since I’m mainly eating carbs atm plus I think I could have been a little dehydrated yesterday.  Oh yeah, and bloody Andy bought Breadtop over yesterday.  A few people have asked me what Breadtops is but seriously, you don’t wanna know.  It’s like flour, sugar and fat processed with a heap of chemicals into delicious baked goods forms that are like crack cocaine.  Fear the Breadtop!

I said I’d go into work this arvo but I’m really dragging my feet.  I don’t wanna!  Plus I have a headache.  I hope it clears up because I’m going to see Wicked tonight.  My bff and running bud Simon organised it but forgot to tell me what day he’d booked the tix for until yesterday.  Doofus.


2 responses to “Official Weigh In: 86.6 kgs; 15 weeks to go

  1. Soooo glad you didn’t introduce ME to breadtops – they sound unreal. How’s the parasite (the worm not the son – LOL)!!

  2. Those Breadtops sound more wicked than Wicked ! Enjoy both!

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