Fun, fun, fun

Went into work for a few hours this arvo.  Nobody said hello or anything, as in blatantly didn’t talk to me (and looked away when I tried to say hello), then one of the woman came over and asked how I was.  I told I’m starting to feel better and she said – oh, were you sick… we all thought you didn’t like the job.  WTF???? If I’d have thought at the time, I’d have said well I don’t now I know you’re all talking about me behind my back.

I don’t know what to do – the work is strange, the people are strange.  At the moment, I’m just concerning myself with covering my arse until I get out of there.


5 responses to “Fun, fun, fun

  1. What a pack of moles! You shouldn’t have bothered dragging yourself in for that!

    Is that parasite for rent? I would pay a good price… Sorry, I don’t mean to triviaise your illness, it doesn’t sound like much fun.

    Take care.

  2. How weird…. too creepy!
    Enjoy Wicked! I hear it’s amazing!

  3. yep just tick the boxes-get the paycheck and look for something else

  4. Mate, just turn your fucken iPod up and ignore the cows. Think of the money, think of Japan, why do you care what they think anyway? You’re a MUCH better person than they will ever be. You would NEVER treat someone so horribly.
    Ring your agent and get out of there, but in the meantime stick it out, it’s all about the money honey!

  5. How weird? Why did they not know you were ill? Was it through an agency – should they have not passed this on?

    I agree with Briony. Crank the tunes up and forget about them.

    I went to see Wicked in London and I loved it. Amazing. One of the best musicals ever. Ever!

    Have a blast.

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