105 days: Yah for parasites!

I heart my belly parasite.  I’ve been yo-yo-yo-ing in the 87s-88s for the past god knows how many weeks (and getting increasingly frustrated).  This morning I’d eaten plus drank about half a bottle of water so almost didn’t bother weighing myself.  Got on the scales and found myself in the 86s!  Go me.  Then I double checked, expecting it to be 86.9 (anything to get over that bloody 87 hump though).  And double yah – 86.2 kgs.  That’s made me v happy.

The other advantage to being sick is that I’ve only been able to eat small meals so I’ve really started adjusting my portion sizes; also I’ve been forced to stop eating when I’m getting anywhere near full — both good habits to get into.

Since I had the day off work today, I did my tax.  I love doing my tax and getting MY money back from the tax man.  It really shits me how much the government gives in handouts to people in this country – and how people come to expect it. 

I pay nearly HALF my wages in tax so when I see some family on $100,000+ a year bitching because the government isn’t giving them enough, it really riles me up.  I can understand that isn’t that going to go far if you have a mortgage and a family but you aren’t exactly living on the breadline either.  When I was young and an impoverished single mother all I wanted to do was earn enough money so I support myself and Andrew instead of getting help from the government.

Anyway, rant over.  the other good thing about today is that I’m having my laser hair removal done.  When I went last week, I thought they were going to zap me but they only did a test patch.  I’ve had to go a week with no plucking of facial hair!  I feel ready to join ZZ Top!  I could have gone back to get it done sooner but Tuesday is 25% off day so it’s worth putting up with a bit of facial hair for that.


4 responses to “105 days: Yah for parasites!

  1. ZZ Top….LMAO! Pleeeeze post pictures!

  2. Yay for little Bitey. I could use him for a day or 3.

  3. Maybe a suggestion for Weight Watchers?

  4. I love tax time too! I did mine Friday and I have already spent my refund several times over in my head. Woo hoo bonus weight loss too! Gain money lose weight- happy happy day.

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