I call the little one Bitey!

OMG… I might have a parasite in my belly!  The doctor thought it was uncommon since I haven’t been anywhere strange and foreign like Sydney or Daylesford (apparently big areas for belly parasites).

Is it bad that my first thought was to ask if it meant I’d lose weight and how could I keep it hanging around?

Anyway, no work tomorrow and no working out until I’m better.  I’ve got to cut back on dairy but can pretty much eat what I feel like, better to pick than to eat a big meal (not that I could eat a big meal atm… I couldn’t even handle the thought of lunch).

It’s all a bit of a worry – the last time I had a parasite inside me was 21 years ago and it’s still bleeding me dry… lolz.


7 responses to “I call the little one Bitey!

  1. LOL Jeff has gastro at the mo & has lost 3kg & our cranky dr looked at him & said well that won’t do you any harm.
    Take care

  2. ROFL at your closing comment! Hope the parasite is dealt with soon (the new one, not the 21yo one)

  3. !!!!

    I lived inthe third world for a bit and had one—-OMG ICK.

    hang in there.


  4. It must be parasite season, my boss is just recovering from one also. Doc gave him 4 big horse tablets and it seems to have gotten rid of it.

  5. Pmsl at last comment also!! Take care and get better soon.

  6. Eww that does not sound good! I hope you come right soon chick.

  7. LMAO !!!!!

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