106 days: crook in the guts!

I had to come home from work early today.  My stomach is NOT RIGHT!  I thought I had a 24 bug but it’s been going on for 4 days now.  Not good at all.  I’m off to the doctor later this arvo. 

You’d think being sick and not being able to eat properly, I’d lose some goddamn weight but the scale is back up again.  I’ve been tracking my food etc so if I don’t lose anything over the next 2 weeks I’ll go to to doctors and get them to check me out.  Just have to make sure I’m scrupulously honest with my recording.

Arrgghh my stomach’s growling like some kind of mountain lion’s taken residence in there!

At lunch time I bought a Japanese phrase book.  It was a time consuming exercise, what with having to race off and find a public loo then go back… Anyway, I got the Lonely Planet one cos it has the phrase “kick it to me” – v handy if you find yourself in the middle of an inpromptu game of footy with non-English speakers in the middle of Tokyo!  Maybe a bit of ‘Jack in the pack’…lolz!

I’m still trying to figure out why, under Sex, they have the phrase: “a sense of humour is important at a time like this” – I’ve never even used that in English!

One response to “106 days: crook in the guts!

  1. bloody hell! hope your guts are better soon. wonder how you say “crook in the guts” in japanese!?

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