109 days…sick

I woke up this morning feeling like crap so didn’t go into work.  I’m about go have more bed rest.

You know what rocks though – my new fave breakfast: fruit toast with peanut butter.  Not something you want to have too much of though.  I figure if I only get it from the bakery or cafe, instead of making it at home, I have built in portion control.  And it’s great if I need to eat pre-run.

Today has been declared a rest day.  I got an email yesterday about training runs being held by the people at Lululemon.  I might go along tomorrow and check them out.  Details here.  Where is gate D at the tan?


3 responses to “109 days…sick

  1. It’s on Birdwood Ave, near Anderson St. There’s a map here:


  2. I am officially a Peanut Butter addict!

  3. I’m smitten with my PB2.

    Here’s hoping you’re on the mend!


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