110 days… 16 weeks… no weight loss

I’ve spent today being irritable and cranky and hating everyone and everything – which is good, right cos it means I’m getting my period so I’ll stop putting on weight.  Well maybe.

Things I hate:

  • people not signing my timesheet.  I was all prepared to NOT work today until it got signed but I got in and it was all sorted.  Then I thought the pay cut off was yesterday but it’s today so yah – I get paid on time.  Still annoying that I had to dick around chasing people up though.  Have also decided it’s better to not bitch loudly about work on the train (to my sister, not just randomly like a crazy person) in case work people are on the train.
  • people who scatter their shit everywhere in the change rooms at the gym.  The other day I just chucked all my sweaty clothes on top of someone’s clean ones cos they were taking up the whole bench.  Today some chick had her bathers and googles on the floor in front of my locker and I really wanted to stomp on them.  I hate it.  My gym has member change rooms but they are being renovated at the moment; I hate changing with the common folk, esp the mum’s who bring their kids in for swimming lesson then let them have 15 min showers.  Then change their kids in the shower cubicle while other people (ie ME) are waiting to use the showers!
  • Damn celebrities having launch thingies in Melb Central when I’m stuffed after the gym and just want to get to the train and get home.  Have your freaken launch somewhere else!
  • Lines a mile long in Coles when I want to buy an apple cos I’m famished after the gym – making me skip the healthy snack and subsequently eat the chocolates my sister bought off a hawker at work.
  • No one in this house is buying toilet.  Btw I’m really looking forward to going to Japan for 2 weeks and leaving NO toilet paper in this house *evil laugh*.  I’m also looking forward to getting home and not having to save money any more and moving!

Good things:

  • Feeling so shagged after my interval run at the gym that I had to skip my weights workout.  That’s good because it means I gave 100% to my running.  I think one of the problems I have with exercise is that I try to do too much so I always keep something in the tank for later.  Far better to do a shorter, intenser session than a longer half arsed one.

Oh yeah, we are having wars in our house atm cos one housemate (the mental one) took the other housemate’s vaccum cleaner (the old, smelly housemate).  Like, literally took it – it’s not in the house.  The mental housemate hasn’t been back since (2 days).  I reckon he’s been like “YAHS!  A vaccum cleaner!  I can sell it and live like a king!”

This house is freaken mental.  When Deb commented that my housemates might be playing with my scales to mess with me, I seriously considered it.  Then I remembered my scales are in my bedroom and I don’t leave my bedroom door unlocked (as in bolted and padlocked) when the housemates are home.  Not even to go to the toilet.

5 responses to “110 days… 16 weeks… no weight loss

  1. That just reminded me of the time when I was about 12 yrs and we had a house guest who used to weigh herself about 3 times a day then harp on about her weight. I moved the pointer up about 6 pounds (We’re talking the olden days when you could easily adjust the scales). You could hear her scream all the way down the street. As a naughty child I thought the reaction was hysterical.

    I agree that shorter, intenser sessions are better but maybe that’s because I have a very short attention span.

  2. it’s a new day up in herre.

    hope it’s a better one….

  3. oooh for having to lock your door…im soooo lucky to live in the share house i do

  4. I am glad I didn’t run into you yesterday 😆

    Hope today was a better day for you 🙂

  5. Omg… How can you live like that!
    I would smother them in thier sleep! hahaha
    I have only ever shared once before in my life…(Other than with my boyfriend who then turned into my husband then turned into my ex husband) and the guythet shared with me and the ex used to pee on the floor in front of the toilet every morning… i commented loudly and complained that I should wear gumboots to go to the bathroom first thing…

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