112 days

You know what the #1 thing that pisses me off about gym instructors is – when you go in for an assessment and they assume that the only exercise you do is what’s written on your program card.  And then when you say you are doing other stuff, they are totally dismissive like you’re lying – WTF… I’m not there to impress them and get a pat on the head, I’m there to get results.

The dude spent most of the assessment trying to talk me into going back to his kettlebell class (which I actually didn’t like because of his instruction).  It also shits me when people say you will ALWAYS work harder in a class than on your own — sure if it’s a good class with a good instructor but I’ve been to some totally half-arsed gym classes before.  I don’t do classes that often because the ones before work are at 6.15 am and I don’t start work until 9.00.  What the hell do people do between gym and work?  I also won’t go to classes unless they are on at 5.30 pm because if I go to a 6.00 or 6.30 class, I get home too late.  Screw that shit.  I’d rather work out on my own and have some time for myself.

Anyway, his basic implication was that Í’m not doing enough exercise.  I don’t believe that.  I think 4 days running (esp doing intervals etc) plus 2 or more days a week in the gym is enough. 

To top it all off, he said I could do the pushup challenge on alternate days to my (very upper body based) gym exercise program.  I asked if I should have a rest day in between and he said it wasn’t necessary.  I don’t believe that either – that’d be doing 5-6 continous days of upper body stuff (although he did suggest doing the pushups in the morning and the weights after work which I might try).

Anyway I’m home from work now so might go for a coffee and Japanese study then my IPL hair removal appointment.  No more moustache for me!  I’m really hoping the housemates aren’t home cos I’ve been having a Chisels singingfest (well actually I don’t care cos they need to suffer).


4 responses to “112 days

  1. I hate classes – always have. Working out alone is WAAAAY better!

  2. Word. I basically quit the gym because I got pissed off when a gym instructor basically accused me of lying about doing my cardio work outside of the gym. Get stuffed, gym boy. Even if you think this is true, why do you think that gruff older brother model is the way to motivate me to do more? Wouldn’t slack forgiving encouraging Aunt Vi work more from a business sense?

  3. Sounds like he was a bit of a jerk and you’re better off without him. My ex-PT (who I thought was quite good) told me to alternate upper and lower body exercises day-to-day if I wanted to go to the gym each day.

  4. What a moron! Hey check my blog I’m leaving town! You really need to get facebook

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