112 days

I got up early this morning to go for a run then realised I’m going to the gym for a program review later today so could just run then.  I sat around for a while and realised I had NOTHING to do – no point getting to work early since there’s no one there – so chucked on the gear and went for a run anyway.

Lately I’ve noticed when I run, I use my glutes a lot more (I am literally a lazy arse cos my glutes rarely work) .  Í think it’s from doing the kettle bell exercises, because I really notice the glutes getting engaged when I do them!  It’s really good because as soon as I feel the glutes working during a run, I remember them and focus on using them more.  Hopefully this will lead to a huge boost in my running times — well, that could be wishful thinking but if it stops the problems with my calves and piriformis then I’m happy.

Everyone at work is at some planning day today so I have little work to do – that’s good because I’m only working half the day but bad because no one signed my timesheet yesterday… if it doesn’t get done until Wednesday then my pay will be delayed.  That really shits me.  I was talking to the manager (well last week’s manager, I have a new one this week) about yesterday and one of the staff tried to get me to look at her computer problem.  Really!  If she thinks HER system problem is more of a priority to me than MY timesheet then she really should go hunting for those unicorns that shit rainbows.


2 responses to “112 days

  1. if my pay is delayed this month i will freak!!!1im counting down the days

  2. Unicorns that shit rainbows. hahaha I’ve never heard that one before. That’s funny.

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