Countdown: 114 days

Yesterday I splurged out on beauty products at Priceline, cos you’ve got to do it sometimes.  Anyway, I got a gel nail kit so if this post has weird typos (or I leave comments with weird typos) it’s cos I’m not used to nails longer than finger tips.  They come up really well despite some tears and swearing along the way.  I also got a beauty mask — they have anti aging ones with collagen that I highly recommend (esp for using the day before a big night out).

My star chart is looking good for this week (I should actually get some stars for it instead of just colouring it in with a highlighter pen).   I rock at these things:

  • exercise plan (I’m actually thinking of leaving it off the chart cos I’m going to do it anyway… I rarely skip exercise)
  • Push up challenge – hate, hate, hate it but still going strong after 3 days 😀
  • Japanese study – this one’s easy too because I really enjoy it. 

I don’t rock at:

  • Yoga – if I don’t do it first thing in the morning, it doesn’t get done.  i’m worrying now about my lack of flexiblity because I can’t kneel down properly or sit cross legged!!!
  • Body lotion – this one’s hard because if I don’t shower at home, I don’t do it.  Since I’m trying to do more gym/exercise of a morning instead of after work, I might find a little bottle to decant some into to use after gym showers.  Oh yeah, at Priceline I also got a little travel kit with shampoo, conditioner, deodorant etc.  Perfect to put in the gym bag.  I heart Priceline.
  • Walk to work – I think I did this once,  maybe twice.  Star charts can’t control the weather!

Despite all that, I can’t get my weight under 87 kgs.  It’s like the evil scales are stuck!  I’ll post an official weigh in on Wednesday.


3 responses to “Countdown: 114 days

  1. Yep, totally agree. We all need a good pampering every once in a while. I’m studying today for my chem exam tomorrow and I think a mask will make me feel better.

    Good going with your star chart! I’m impressed by how much you hate the push up challenge but are still doing it.

    Now hon, you know what I’m going to say about the yoga. I’ve been doing it for 3 years now and still can’t do some basics. It’s not about how advanced you are and not even really so much about the asana itself but what you’re learning from it and how it translates in your life, on and off the mat. Practice and it will come!

    Focus on the positives and in a few weeks you’ll start seeing the results. Sometimes we need to be reminded that the first time it all came off, it took a while as well.

    I think you’re awesome Kathryn!


  2. Scales suck…. mine have been stuck for months… but bah… I havent really tried hard either… I need another couple of hours in my day…. haha

  3. Maybe the scales are actually broken ?

    Seriously though, maybe it is time for something completely new exercise wise, to get off the plateau ?

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