Rest day anxiety

Today I’ve got a rest day scheduled on my workout program.  Do you have any idea how much this is killing me?  I’m sitting here thinking if I just go for a teeny little run then I’ll burn so many more calories.  Even though I know rest is REALLY important!  Plus one good run tomorrow is so much better than two half-arsed ones.

It’s just like if I’m not moving, the fat is going to catch up to me and cling to my body in huge amounts.

it’s not even a real rest day since I’ve got my pushup challenge exercises to do.  I’m also thinking I might finally get that pilates dvd out of it’s plastic wrap since it’s been sitting on my bookcase forever.  Sounds like a plan.

Other random things:

  • I’m a big fan of seasonal eating and this is a great article on it.  I really like the idea of cooking up grains for brekkie in a slow cooker, mostly because my number 1 peeve about breakfast is that I have to go to the kitchen.  My bedroom is warm.  The kitchen is NOT warm.  If I’m in the kitchen, then I’m a target for my housemate to talk at.  I don’t like being talked at in the morning (or any other time but esp the morning).
  • I think I forgot to mention this funny story about myself before – a few weeks ago (before my physio banned me from running with a backpack), I ran home from work.  I’d been being all corporate and sophisticated in my worksuit and string of pearl during the day, but got home all tired and sweaty… in running gear with the pearls still around my neck!  Oh yeah, formal running gear – the new trend to hit the streets.

4 responses to “Rest day anxiety

  1. I have the same problem with rest days, so it really sucked when the heat forced me into a rest period.

    Pilates: something people always tell me is great, but I think my body would regret it the day after. I’m just not bendy enough.

  2. Hehe…so are you still resting? You better be! I know that feeling though. Seasonal eating is pretty smart and so much cheaper. And pearls darling, hilarious 🙂

  3. It could the new big thing – what about long sleeved running shirts for men – with cuff links ?

  4. resting only became something I LOVE when I began framing it as how much bigger (my things is weight training) I’d be be allowing my body a healing day.

    youre doing it the smart way as well by letting yourself be active in your rest (the push ups)—did that help?

    did you see the discussion at MizFit about taking rest days and the suggestions in the comments?

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