115 days

I think my counter is actually wrong and not set to Aust time because it ticks over to the next day before midnight, not that it really matters so much.

Yesterday I thought I’d blown things foodwise.  I had a dental appointment at 2.00 so had planned to take the arvo off work, not liking ppl to see me all drooling and slack faced (well not after the dentist anyways).  Then I had a v urgent job to do that took me though to the last minute so no time for lunch. 

Had my dentist appointment (to get a chipped tooth fixed) and he told me he try filling it without a local – that’s words that strike terror into my dentist-fearing heart – but it worked fine.  I’d actually chipped it chewing on a lozenge when I had my cold so it wasn’t like the nerve needed drilling or anything. 

I really could have gone back to work afterward but I’d told them I wasn’t so I didn’t.  But I was so freaken hungry.  I walked home via Brunswick St and really, really wanted a pide from the Turkish shop so figured I’d have one. 

Then on the way to Japanese class, I had to have a neenish tart.  OMG I love neenish tarts, they are so awesome and pretty. 

Our teacher was very impressed with all our learning since last time and said our prounciation is so much better and more natural!!! Yah!  Our class was all about ordering food so we just had to have okonomiyaki afterwards!

I thought I’d surely have eaten a zillion calories but it was only around 1800 – not so bad, definitely not a blow out.  I guess I’d only eaten food I really wanted, not crap just for the sake of eating. 

Today I went into work and found out all the work I’d done yesterday was WRONG!  The guy who did the handover had told me the wrong stuff.  Luckily the people I work with knew it was his fault, but it really bugged me.  I had to do all this shit in Word which should have been easy but for some reason really handy stuff like ‘save as’ and ‘properties’ are disabled.  I really don’t know what’s going on with this place.

Anyway I went for a run after work.  It was the most annoying run ever! Not the run itself but all the people out and about on the street.  I swore at a few people – like if you’re at the traffic lights with your freaken dog, don’t have the dog at the other side of the footpath with the lead stretched out ready to trip people. 

This woman in a car waved me over and wanted me to help with directions.  I told her I didn’t know the street but she rummaged through her handbag, pulling out random bits of paper and not finding the address until I wished her luck and ran off.

Then I followed someone on a pushbike up the street until she got to the pedestrian lights and turned her bike so it blocked the entire footpath!  WTF.  I don’t think she’ll do that again in a hurry… I had a few words to her.

By the time I got home, I was so annoyed.  Then I cooked a yummy dinner – chicken patties and vegies with cheese sauce.  Oh yeah, it was good.  Also watched some of the football but it was seriously depressing!

I didn’t do the pushup challenge today because I forgot until after dinner when I was stuffed full of vegies so I’ll do day three tomorrow.

One response to “115 days

  1. Yikes! I’ve chipped my back tooth twice now. One on muesli and the other on a toffee martini LOL. You brave girl to do it without a local, well done.

    I used to love neenish tarts too and forgot all about them since I starting losing weight! Now you’ve put the thought in my mind. Damn you 🙂

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