117 days to go

I had a pretty good day today.  Well I slept in this morning (after going to bed at 9.00 – must have needed it)  so I didn’t make it to the gym before but that’s okay.  Then Simon cancelled our run this arvo so I did a run + weights at the gym anyway.  Ha, I did all the kettle bell exercises then realised when I got home I had to do day 2 of the push up challenge.  I thought about leaving it until tomorrow but figured that it’s better to get it all done now.  I really struggled with it but I guess it’s doing some good.

I met Alison for lunch today because she kindly lent me some Japanese books.  Yah for more learning and fun lunches 🙂 

I’m hating my job so much atm.  Seriously, I’ve got a dental appointment tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to it because I’ll be leaving work early.  I HATE doing support work.  If I’m not sitting around with nothing to do, then I’m trying to do something I just can’t do because the system security has locked everything down.  Plus people come over and ask me do stuff but they don’t tell me what they want… just what they think they want – which is a completely different matter.

I hate support so much.  I like it when I go into a job and they give me a project and I get to sit in the corner and listen to my ipod and do it then, when I’m finished, they go — woah, shiny!  Well I’m maybe not quite that antisocial but close.

We had a morning tea this morning.  I’d just had coffee and slim secrets bar so didn’t want anything but you can’t not eat at these things or everyone makes a fuss so I had half a date scone.  I’ve only been there a week and this is the second morning tea!!!

Anyway, I ran really fast at the gym (in intervals) and that made me feel really good.


3 responses to “117 days to go

  1. LOL – I never eat at office morning teas…the food is always total crap. Whay can’t there ever be fruit? Or vegies with dip? It’s all white flour and sugar, aargh!

    I don’t care about the comments – I must have grown a thicker skin in the last couple of years. A simple “no thanks, I just ate” usually does the trick anyway. And if not, just stare at the them as they eat their cake. Or make up a wheat allergy. Lie through your teeth, whatever works. 🙂

  2. Ah I hate morning tea! It is so uncomfortable! We have it every Friday morning, 3 people have to bring in something. I always take my black coffee and stand there with 2 hands wrapped around it. The only thing I will eat is fruit. I hate it when people go “why don’t you eat anything, you have such will power” blah blah blah – How about I am self concious eating in a group environment like that – well being FORCED to. BAH!
    Hey I’ll have a look when I’m at my parents next, if I have my old Japanese books from school – I might even have a couple of dictionarys? Interested?????? I learnt it from grade 4 to 11 and the only thing I can remember is the bloody numbers, oh and that Sakura is Cherry Blossom Tree, and konnichiwa, watashi no namaiewa, nicky desu. What a waste of my life, I really should have kept learning, I would have been fluent by now!
    Okkkk long long comment.


  3. Alright,your job’s fucked if you’re looking forward to going to the dentist instead! LOL 🙂 I wouldn’t be very good at support myself, what a drag but it’s only temporary yeah?

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