119 days to go: yah!

I couldn’t update last night because of our freaken stupid capped internet!  Capped internet is from satan (aka Dodo who are satan’s minions… kinda more like flying monkeys than dodos I reckon).

Yesterday I had a near perfect day of sthear charting.  Go me!  Today is pretty close too.  I wanted to go for a run this morning but it was bucketing down so I went to the gym and ran on the treadie.  Of course, by time I got into the city, the rain had stopped!  And catching the train into the gym is a lot of dicking around but I’m doing it before work tomorrow too cos I want to do a weights workout.

I’m very tired and cranky today.  Many things are wrong, not big wrong just irritating.  Some things are good though – like I start back at Japan class on Thursday.  I love my class and our teacher is so sweet. 

I’m still stacking on weight according to my scales but they also said my sister had put on 1.5 kgs in a day so either the scales are fucking with our heads (and will be hacked into a million pieces) or we are turning into freaks who are stacking on weight at a record breaking rate.


6 responses to “119 days to go: yah!

  1. It is amazing how your weight can play tricks on you – my scales showed me 2.5kg heavier on Sunday night than I was on Saturday, but now I’m back down to Saturday mornings weight. I think it was just fluid though, I drank two big sports drinks on Saturday and Sunday – that’s all I can put it down to.

  2. Scales are Satan, ignore them

  3. I think those scales of yours have got to go 😀

  4. I have stopped weighing myself because I am never happy with what they say 🙄

  5. yep-turf the scales i reckon

  6. Maybe your flatmate has been tinkering with the scales and it’s actually him who has been fucking with your head. What you should do is smack him around the head with your scales. Even if he hasn’t touched your scales at least you’ll feel good about putting your scales to good use.

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