Countdown: 120 days!

I did okay with my goals this week although not perfect:

Yoga:  4/7 days.  Because I want to do this first thing in the morning, I have to remember to actually do it before breakfast (since I don’t like yogaing on a full stomach).  This week I want to get 7/7 days.

Follow exercise plan:  I had a rest day planned for Saturday but then didn’t do anything on Wednesday because of the bad weather.  Then today just didn’t work for me.  I work up super early then dicked around, planning to go back to bed but then my sister wanted to go to the movies – she got some movie tickets from Mum for her birthday this week (they expired at the end of June so we had to use them – WTF?  Plus they were for Village so the only cinemas we can go to are Jam Factory or Crown.  Nice one mum). 

We went to see Prince Caspian.  Boring and a waste of time.  But at least I didn’t overindulge on movie snacks.  Then we went to Borders.  Borders in the Jam Factory was a nightmare.  Full of annoying people and, at the cafe, we got cupcakes which were stale and had about a centimetre of icky icing on them.  I stupidly ate mine then totally regretted (never eat while reading, you don’t realise the food is crap until you’re finished!) Plus they didn’t call out my name for my coffee order (or didn’t call it very loud) so by the time I realised, my coffee was half cold.  Arrrggghh!

When I got home, I felt sick – prolly from the stale, sickly cupcake – and v tired so had a nap, then woke up feeling sicker.  Hence, no exercise today.  That’s only 5/7 days.  Not good enough.  Next week I want to get 7/7 (with rest day counting as a tick since rest days are an important part of the plan).

Track Food: didn’t do it, at all.  I thought I could keep a tally in my head which works okay during the week but not so great at weekends.

Japanese study: got heaps done. I think I’ve been a bit random though, I’ve got all these Japanese words buzzing around in my head like flies.  This week I want to concentrate on numbers and time.  I think it’s important to master numbers so if someone says a price, I’m not looking like an idiot for 5 minutes trying to work it out.

Body firming lotion:  remembering to put it on every day after my shower.  Not sure if it’s working.

I’ve added another goal this week since I’ve decided to join the 100 push up challenge.  I did the initial test today and thought I’d be able to do 2-3 pushups.  I did 14!  Oh yeah… hey wait, that means I have to do even more on the program… boo! 


12 responses to “Countdown: 120 days!

  1. I hate it when I indulge in a snack and it turns out to be low quality crap!

  2. i may have to give this push up thing a go if everyone else is i dont like cup cakes at the best of times..but i eat a big bag of crisps and always regret it

  3. ichi, ni, san…hehe

    I went to Japan 8 years ago and found a lot of their numbers are actually in English.

    Just remember though, most shops have their prices advertising excluding tax. I got a nasty shock when I was 16, trying to buy a pair of runners that ended up being $15 dearer than I thought cos I didn’t know about the tax.

  4. I now remember that I can count to 10 in japanese as we used to have to yell them out when we were doing pushups at Karate 😳

    Good luck with the push up challenge. My problem is just making the time. I know it only takes 10 minutes but I keep forgetting. Might have to start again.

    I’m with JoJo, not really into cup cakes. Now if it was banana cake with yummy icing on top, then I’m at the front of the queue 😀

  5. You can do it with the yoga, I swear and once it becomes routine, you’re sweet. I can’t think of anything worse than having food in your belly while doing any kind of exercise.

    I’m finding it really hard to track food so gave up. I’m the same as you, fine doing it in my head during the week but weekends, forget about it.

    Lotion does help! It really does. I reckon anyway 🙂

    So another one on this push up challenge – so tempting!

    Good going with your week too. I think you are a little tough on yourself but you know what kind of pep talk you respond to. Focus on teh good stuff hon and keep going.

  6. I’ve decided to steal your star chart idea and keep myself on track that way. Hope you don’t mind. As a kid I loved getting stars.

    Sounds like you are doing a good job with creating new habits, just keep at it and you will soon find you don’t even have to think about it.

  7. Pity you didn’t go & see What Happens in Vegas because that movie was funneeee.

    Now the next plan should be to have a cuppa without any sweets at all. I’m working on that one, not very well. Maybe you could do better than me.

  8. Well done on the 14 pushups – that’s 1 more than I managed on the initial test! You must be stronger than me – not that that is much to talk about.

    Borders is not what it used to be I reckon – did you read they’ve been taken over.

  9. Perfect is so overrated anyway! LOL

  10. 120 days? That’s not long. Sheesh, it will be here before you know it. I’m coming to Melbs in September for a work thing, figure I owe you a few drinks this time!! Will keep you posted on dates and stuff. Feel like I haven’t spoken to you for a million years.

  11. must MUST give you my ‘teach yourself Japanese’ book – my friends who have the tapes are in Nihon now so I’ll give you them when they get back. FB me – where are you working? Maybe I can get them to you tomorrow

  12. we need a longggg post all on the lotion.


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