J-122 Days: Arrrggghhh!

I got on the scales this morning and I’d put on half a kilo!  WTF????  Damn you scales.  Surely it’s just bodily fluid weight. 

I’ve been a slacker today, meaning to go out for a run but putting it off.  Now I’m going to go to the gym and do some hill intervals on the treadie.  That’s what you get for being slack – yes, you have to be lone loser at the gym on a Saturday night!  Actually I don’t mind it so much, at least it’s quiet.

I got a bargain yesterday – I went into GNC to get some Slim Secrets bars after the gym and remembered they are cheaper if you buy a box of 12.  Then, because they are having a sale, I got an extra 25% off.  It worked out to just over $2 a bar instead of around $3 at the supermarket.  Yum, I love those bars and they are so handy to have in the drawer at work.  I might go get another box before the sale ends. 

Having all those bars didn’t stop me from buying a brownie at the cafe last night though – surely one brownie doesn’t make you put on half a kilo? 


3 responses to “J-122 Days: Arrrggghhh!

  1. I reckon keep a graph so you can see that the trend is downward even if the day to do measurments are up-and-down
    Hill intervals on the tready? SCARY!

  2. Don’t worry about the half kilo, especially if you weigh in every day. I’d say it’s completely normal rather than ‘real’ weight gain.

  3. LOOKING at a brownie can make you put on half a kilo!!! HEHE!

    I LOVE sales!

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