Since we missed out on our run yesterday, I met up with Simon tonight instead.  It’s the first run we’ve had together since Apollo Bay (well apart from a mainly walk in Hobart) so it was good to catch up and talk our usual running gibberish.

I’ve been loosely following a program that was in Runner’s World mag this month for building your base fitness between training for events.  Today’s run was 3 x 3min fast, 3 min slow.  Too easy, it’s only 3 minutes, right?  Ummm, no.  Three minutes can be an awfully long time!

The worst bit was catching the tram home – I hate catching PT in running gear, esp since it was cold and I had to wear my leather jacket over the top.  I don’t want ppl to think I dress like that on purpose!  I’m totally opposed to wearing ‘training’ clothes as casual gear at the best of times – I might leave the house in my pjs but NEVER in trackys or runners unless I’m actually doing a workout.

I tried Jaykay’s advice and had a banana before my run – no feeling weak tonight, just good fatigue 😀

Oh yeah, and I had a run in with my housemate tonight.  He called me a moron.  Yes, I was called a moron by a person who enters the house via their bedroom window cos they are too stupid to know how to use a key!

Other than that, the new job is kinda boring.  The work is on demand so has frequent slow periods.  I was told today to fill in my time by surfing the net.  You’d think that’d make me happy but it really worries me.  I don’t handle boredom well.  Tomorrow I’m taking my Japanese stuff so I can study.

ETA: I’ve booked my pretty room in Tokyo!

Yah! It was a harrowing process – the site wouldn’t translate then it wouldn’t accept my details.  Apparently you can’t put more than 14 chars in the name field!!!!  I didn’t have to pay though and that kinda worries me but I have a confirmation email.


5 responses to “Run

  1. Sounds like the trip plans are coming together. It starts to feel real once you’ve booked accomodation doesn’t it.

    Can’t believe being told to surf the net to fill in time …. what is it, a support role or something ?

  2. I should take a leaf out of your book and study my Japanese a lot more, you probably know more than I do at this point…

  3. It was COLD last night. You’re harcore!

  4. I like eating a banana before I exercise too. Never eat oranges, I have discovered, they make you want to puke when you run.

  5. i think eating anything before running makes me want to puke!! (or maybe it is just the thought of running : P ) I am so glad that you have booked your room – how bloody exciting!

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