Day ???: I’ve got my days mixed up now so I’m making it J-124!

I didn’t get out for my run yesterday.  All the talk of gale force winds put me off plus the lower back soreness, I figured I’d move my rest day.

I did get to the market for my shopping (Preston Market that is).  I spent around $50 and go a truckload of fruit and vegies plus some meat and homemade pasta (yum).  I got gravy filled meat balls – how good do they sound?  Andy got over $30 of steak – how blokey is that!

When I got home, I started cooking.  I made a huge pot of bolognese sauce (well a vegetable/meat sauce), a huge pot of stew and stewed rhubarb and pears (those fancy red pears at that).  By the time I finished that, I was way sick of cooking but I’d taken out a packet of chicken mince to make meatballs so had to keep going.

I’m starting a new contract today – scary stuff.  It goes for a month and my goal for the month is to save $4000.  It’s going to be tough, but I have some extra $$$ coming in from loans etc as well as wages.  I figure if I wasn’t working, I’d have to live on the dole which is around $250 a week so I can survive on that while I’m working. 

If I do this, then technically I’ll have enough money to go to Japan even if I get no work after I finish (only technically, because if I’m not working for 3 months, it’ll really cut into my savings).  It’s going to be challenging, saving that agggresively, but I love a challenge.

BTW I’m back to the weight I was before I got sick.  I think it’d be lower but I’m having toilet issues again.  I really need to eat more fibre! 


6 responses to “Day ???: I’ve got my days mixed up now so I’m making it J-124!

  1. OOO your cooking sounds wonderful, I’m drooling thinking about stewed rhubarb and pears… soooo yum! that is an amazingly ambitious savings plan!!! $4 grand in a month, hell you must be paid well..!

  2. I can just see you stalking haughtily past the cafe/coffee shop/dress shop thinking, no, I’d rather have the money for my Japan trip!
    BTW (WTMI) I have a glass of powdered orange fibre stuff before bed and it works a treat

  3. I wish I could be as organised as you in the food department!

    Good luck with the savings 🙂

  4. Don’t you just love a good cookup 🙂

    Apple and Rhubarb Pie with Custard…..drooling now!!

  5. Sounds like a good boost to your iron levels coming up!

  6. You’ve got a really good goal so hopefully saving won’t be too painful. I’m only started saving for NYC. Mmm, hopeless but do-able LOL 🙂

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