Day 7 (I think)

Yesterday went well – I got out for a run then came home and did some yoga/stretching then went to the cafe for lunch and Japanese study.  My sister met me there after she finished work so we got heaps of studying done. 

At the moment, I’m only studying conversatonal Japanese because I think that’s the most important thing before we go away but eventually I’d like to learn to read and write in Japanese.  It’s just so overwhelming though, the thought of having to learn all those characters.

I feel a bit sore today.  Mostly from the kettle bell class I think.  At the beginning of the class, my technique was dodgy and I can really feel it in my lower back.  Tight, tight muscles.  Then yesterday I decided to run along the Merri Creek.  I haven’t done that for ages and I’d forgotten the reason why is that the track is concrete.  Not good on the legs.  I think I’ll take it easy today – I’m meeting Simon for a run tonight but won’t be pushing it.

I’ve added another item to my star chart — remembering to use my body firming lotion every day.  It says it’s clinically proven to firm your skin if used regularly for six weeks.  I am so tempted to just put it on one half of my body for six weeks to prove that for myself, except it might just work and I’d look plain wrong.

The plan for today is to go to the market and get fruit and veg then come home and have a big cook up, so much easier with the housemates at work.  Just got to avoid all the yummy treats at the market.


3 responses to “Day 7 (I think)

  1. I don’t think it’s possible to get through the markets without buying at least one yummy thing. The Vic markets are the best!

  2. I can never pass the stall that has all the huge bags of lollies. I’m like a kid in the lolly shop, it’s just that the lolly shop is at the market 😀

    How are you going with the Japanese? Are you getting the hang of it. I can only remember a couple of things that I learned “Hi, mushi mushi”

  3. I think you’re magnificent just trying to do the spoken japanese. It and chinese are just too hard for me!

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