Day 6: muscles

I think the kettle bell class was worth it cos I can feel the muscle building in my arms. Seriously, they feel so much harder than they did yesterday (well apart from that wobbly underneath bit!).  Surely it couldn’t work that fast?

I’m happy – I think I’ve found a place to stay in Tokyo!  We had somewhere worked out, a decent looking, cheap backpackers then decided we’d rather pay more and stay closer to the action.  I mean, we only have a week in Tokyo and I’d much rather stay someone convenient even if it costs much more.  We’d looked at a few business hotels that seemed okay but today I found the cutest place – plus they have “I’m excited” dim sim banquet! 

I really should go out for a run.  I’ve been planning to all day but keep putting it off.  But it’s not going to run itself.  I’m between jobs atm – until Thursday when I start my new contract.  I didn’t get the job I interviewed for yesterday but had this one lined up anyway so wasn’t too fussed.

Okay, the plan is run, get lunch and coffee, study Japanese.

6 responses to “Day 6: muscles

  1. I was reading about those kettlebell things in Ultra-Fit mag a while ago and thought they looked interesting!

  2. The dim sim banquet would definitely be a selling point in my book!

    When’s your trip again?

  3. *squeal* that hotel is so cute.

    It’s only a week you may as well treat yourself.

    kettle balls look cool, very old skool eastern bloc, I doubt I would even be able to pick one up.

  4. Awwwww that place looks SO COOL! and aoyama isn’t too far out – in any case the public transport is so good you’ll be able to zip hither and yon all day, and the city never sleeps!

  5. Loved meeting you last weekend chick… I have heard about the Kettle Bell classes too… hope they keep working for you. Awesome about finding accomodation in Japan and the banquet… yum yum!

  6. That hotel is very cute and very you!

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