Day 6: Headline Evades Me

I didn’t do too good on my star chart today.  I forgot to do my yoga and my Japanese study (well I left my notebook at home so couldn’t study on the tram).  I did do exercise, not the boxing class I planned since I finished work early but a kettle bell class.

If ever you are sitting around thinking “what I really need in life right now is more PAIN” then I strongly suggest doing a kettlebell class.  It hurts when you’re doing it and, while it doesn’t hurt right now, I’ve got a distinct feeling it will tomorrow.

The worst bit was the feeling after the class.  I didn’t just feel exercise soreness but an overall weak-as-a-kittenness!  Seriously I didn’t think I could walk from the City Baths to Melbourne Central (that’s a very small city block for non-Melbournites).  That freaked me out for a while, then I remembered I’d felt that way before – when I first started exercising seriously and was still taking my diabetes medication, I’d get big blood sugar slumps after exercise. 

I’d eaten plenty of calories today but mostly in the form of latte!  When I figured out I should really eat something, I was at the train platform with only crap options so decided to wait to get home.  I had a lot of trouble walking from the train as well but felt spiffy after I had half an apple.

I think from now on, I’ll make sure I have something in my bag for these situations.

Half the reason I was so caffienated was because I got a coffee to have on the way to the city then got to my interview at 9.00 am and it was held in a coffee shop so had another one.  Then got into work and was on the phone to my boss (who works out of the office) for 2 hours.  In the end I told him I had to get coffee just to get off the phone.  Then I felt obligated to get coffee, even though he didn’t know and couldn’t see me.  Damn my inability to lie.

Then since I started work late, I only grabbed an egg sushi for lunch (plus had an apple for arvo tea).  Prolly not enough food for before exercising!

Anyway, today’s result: food and exercise, good; Japanese learning and yoga, bad.

3 responses to “Day 6: Headline Evades Me

  1. I think I’ll skip the kettleball class. 🙂

  2. Kathryn, bananas are the answer to all your prayers 😀

    Have one before the class and you’ll get an instant energy burst, then have one after the class and it’ll fill you up and keep you going until you need to eat.

    I swear by them!

  3. A snack in your bag for sure! I get caught out like that too and try to carry nuts around with me now because a small handful goes a long way.

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